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Unearthing the cultural roots that connect football with the world off-pitch.

We're announcing the launch of Postcards to Qatar; an art series created with the use of DALL- E 2, an AI engine that can create unique images and original art from a description in natural language.

The world will be converging on Qatar later this year and while the teams will be bringing their own individual identities to the field of play, Postcards to Qatar seeks to unearth the cultural roots that connect football with the world off-pitch.


To do this, the stamps will celebrate the cultural identity of each nation while the written pieces will provide the backstory on how the teams each made it to the World Cup as well as providing a deep dive on the art work featured. A few of these stamps will be published on the site, while the rest of them will be featured in an upcoming physical publication.

I believe this project, combining human creativity and the power of AI, to be one of the first in the world of football. The image you see above is DALL-E’s impression of a 35mm photo of children playing ball in Doha. Once the project concludes I hope to be able to present the stamps IRL and turn some of them into posters.

Working on this idea has also raised some interesting questions. As AI use continues to grow and the ability to create better images improves, it will be interesting to see what role AI plays in the creative industry.


Is it even right to call images generated by AI, ‘art’? Who is the artist? The person that inputs the text description of the image he wants to see or the AI engine that produces it. That’s a particularly interesting question for me as a copywriter. I hope to expand on this discussion as I share each stamp with you.

Visit the digital exhibit

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