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Introduce yourself: who are you? How old are you? Where are you from? Who do you support?


I’m Abolaji Oshun (00ab) and I’m 21 years old. I’m Nigerian and I’m from Hackney. I support Manchester United 



You’re a multi-faceted creative, doing music and modelling, having walked for Balenciaga. How would you describe yourself?


I would describe myself as open-minded. I’m always open to learning and doing different things. I think I’m tasteful and thoughtful with the work I put out in regards to my writing (both musically and with my articles) and my beat-selection etc. 



How did you get into music and what are you goals in this music ting?


I got into music basically from freestyling with my friends and having fun in short. In the first lockdown I wrote a freestyle and put it on Soundcloud then I wrote one to my friend Remi Kayodae’s beats and I’ve just gone on from there. 



How do you view the increasing cross-over between football and fashion?


It’s cool to see I guess. 



What vintage shirt do you want that you don’t have?


 The Nike Nigeria 1996-98 jersey.



How has the whole Covid situation affected your creativity?


In a way I guess it’s made me more creative and driven me to pursue music more seriously which I’m grateful for. In a practical sense it’s been difficult being out here doing things but I think it’s helped bring it out in ways. 


Bonus question: were you part of the jeans and astro phase? Thoughts on it?


100 %. Primary school days I was definitely running it up. I have to respect it looking back cos astros used to slap!

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